Sermon Series
Now Watching I will be with you

Walt Disney made a movie years ago called "Pinocchio". It was about a wooden puppet that wanted to be a real boy and he had a "conscience" in the form of a cricket. Remember that? A lot of us wish God could be like that cricket. There to help us and give advice, but God has promised something even greater. He promised to BE with us 24/7, to guide us, help us, strengthen us. That's so much better than some singing cricket!
Promised Land

Promises, promises. We've all made them. We all hope to keep them. Sometimes we succeed. Other times…not so much. God has made promises to us too…there are actually about 7,000 promises that He’s made to us in the Bible. However, a lot of times we live in anxiety and fear because we do not know those promises. This PROMISED LAND sermon series will address a few of these promises and how they affect our daily lives.

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