Current Sermon Series

A Study in Nehemiah

July 29th - September 2nd
Sundays @ 9:30a & 11:00a

July 29th - It Begins with a Prayer

Just like new year’s the start of a new school year is, in many ways, a restart. It’s a chance to hit the reset button and do better this year than the year before. Vacation is over and it’s time to get back to life as normal. It’s the perfect season of the year to take a long, hard look at some things. And if we want to make the most of this opportunity, we may need to start with a few changes and maybe a prayer or two!!  Nehemiah 1

August 5th - God Gives a Dream

Have you ever had a dream or a desire to do something truly unique? Maybe it was something small you wanted to do in your backyard. Maybe it was something huge you wanted to see done in the community. Regardless of the project, this dream you had can also be referred to as a “vision” – a mental image of a preferred reality. Nehemiah had a vision and so does our church. God is doing great things and we can’t wait to see it happen!  Nehemiah 2

August 12th - It's a Team Effort

Who in your life has “got your back”? If you needed help or a ride to the airport or a couch to sleep on for the night, who would you call? Is there anyone in your life right now that you could turn to? We were created to live in community with other people. We need others to protect us and help us and “do life” with. Do you have people like that? What are you willing to do to find some? Nehemiah 3-4

August 19th - Integrity Matters

Who is the most talented person you know? What is it that you admire about them the most? A lot of us look at other, more talented people and we waste so much of our time comparing ourselves or our families or our lives to them. We forget that God has created us for something extraordinary. We have all been given talents and we need to get busy using those talents and helping people discover something greater!  Nehemiah 5

August 26th - Opposition Will Come

It has been said that you’ll never make everyone happy. No matter what you do, someone will  always disagree or be upset. Truer words may have never been spoken. Criticism is a fact of life, no matter what we do. How we handle it, now that’s the real key to life! Nehemiah 6

September 2nd - Real Revival

It’s Labor Day weekend. A chance to go to the lake, grill up some burgers and dogs and take a day off work. It’s also a chance to reflect on how good we have it in our country. It doesn’t take much time of reflection to realize that we’ve got some struggles as a nation, however. We need change. We need restoration. What really need a return and a revival. But how do we do it? Now that’s the question!  Nehemiah 8-10





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