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ROOTED -  June 4th to July 30th


Sundays Beginning April 23rd @ 9:30 am & 11:00 am

 Week Title Main Points
 06.04.2017  A Good
What do you hope for? Success? A good family? The Braves to win? The book of Colossians challenges us to start hoping for greater things. Covering the history of Rome and how it was believed to be the great salvation, today's sermon points to the true source of hope, Jesus Christ, asking the question, Where have you put your hope?
06.11.2017 Walk On Have you ever met anyone who wished things got worse in life? I haven't. Everyone I know wants to grow and change and get better. The author of Colossians has the same desire for us when it comes to faith in God. We need to grow and move forward if we're ever going to discover greater life in Christ.
 06.18.2017 Image There is a lot of confusion about who Jesus is. Some say he's a good teacher. Others say that he was a great man who lived a great life. Still others claim that he is divine. Which is it? Who was Jesus and why does it matter so much? This week we discover what the big deal really is.
06.25.2017 Kidnapped The world is filled with all kinds of religions and systems of beliefs. Some of them are kind of crazy (flying spaghetti monsters?). Some actually sound pretty good when you think about them and this is where some get tripped up. Paul worried about this for his friends and for us too. How do we avoid getting tripped up? Stay rooted!
07.02.2017 Shadowlands No one likes rules…except religious people! Religious people love rules and regulations. They love telling people what they can and cannot do. Sometimes Christians can get like this too, but Paul says that's not how Jesus would have us live. The greater life we have in Christ is a FREE life!
07.09.2017 Wardrobe
When you see someone wearing a Falcons jersey in the store you know which team they root for and you can probably bet on their ability to name some of the players on the team. In short, you know who's team they're on. Christians have jersey's too. People should be able to see Christ in how we live. Are you on the team?
07.16.2017 Bound
Between our church an the Crossroads there are 4 churches. Drive the other direction and you'll find even more. Ever wonder why there are so many different churches in town? It's because they didn't practice Colossians 3 like they should have!
 07.23.2017 Family
Sometimes we treat our families worse than we treat total strangers. There's a lot of reasons for this but Colossians 3 gives us a better way. When we're rooted in Christ it should change the way we treat our spouses, our kids and even our boss!
 07.30.2017 A Great
Our series ends similar to how it began…with a call to prayer. At the end of Colossians, Paul calls on people to pray and to not give up praying. He encourages us to treat others well and to even watch how we talk to each other. Talk about some timely advice these days! 


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