Current Sermon Series



November 5th to November 19th

Sundays Beginning November 5th @ 9:30 am & 11:00 am

 Week Title Main Points
 11.12.2017  Eternity They say that every body is working for the weekend, but what if you could set your sights a little higher than just the weekend? What do you think your life might look like if you focused on things that were timeless instead of just thinking about the weekend? In a trendy world, the best things in life are timeless. Join us as we talk about what's really important in our world - things that are timeless.
2 Corinthians 5:1-10
11.19.2017 A Timeless Investment ROI - Return On Investment.  Most of us evaluate our decisions in life, especially financial ones, around this idea of ROI.  We want to know what the return is going to be on our investments of time, energy, and money.  Join us as we talk about an investment that is GUARANTEED to give us an eternal return on our investment.
Matthew 6 
Supernatural Math Many people don't think they have much to offer when it comes to thinking about things that are timeless. We wonder how our tiny little gift of time or our seemingly insignificant talents can be used to make a difference. Join us as we talk about how God can take our small investment of time and energy and turn it into something truly timeless.  John 6:1-13


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