Community Groups are the key to experiencing Greater Community at Northwest. 

Our Process

  • Register online and we'll match you with a Starter Group.
  • Come to GroupLink, meet some people, form a group.
  • Decide when and where your group will have its first meeting as a Starter Group.
  • "Try Before You Buy" group
  • Commit to meet together for 8 weeks while completing a supplied introductory curriculum.
  • After 8 weeks, you decide if you want to continue as a Community Group. If not, this is a the time to leave the group, no questions asked.
  • Committed group of up to 8 individuals or 5 married couples.
  • Agree to meet together for 12-24 months for connection and spiritual growth.
  • Groups choose what they will study and if they will meet socially over holidays and summer

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