Northwest prayer needs and numbers


  • Kevin Rowland, seeking employment following unexpected lay off.

  • Dennis Stephens, recovery from sinus surgery on 10/15. All went well.

  • Katie McAlister (Ruth Chickini’s niece), recovery from surgery to remove non-cancerous brain tumor. Praise that all went well and her vision has returned.

  • Debbie Shelton, has finished radiation treatments for tongue cancer but is exhausted, in a lot of pain and getting discouraged.

  • Michael (Darrell Dixon’s brother), recovery from car accident. Thankfully, he was not seriously injured but the car was totaled.

  • Richard Simmons (Darrell Dixon’s uncle), recovery from prostate surgery. He is 93 years old.

  • Gary (Darrell Dixon), personal issues.

  • Please pray for those on the Israel trip 10/21-10/31.


  • David White, recovering from hip replacement surgery after breaking hip in a fall.

  • Linda Stephens, scheduled for surgery on 11/15.

  • Annette Baudo, calcium levels have normalized and she will now be able to schedule the neck surgery that she has been waiting for.

  • Dee McIntyre’s granddaughter diagnosed with very aggressive colon cancer that has metastasized.

  • Janet Evans, chemo is done. Awaiting surgery date.

  • God’s peace & comfort to Angela & Mark Newby in the recent passing of Angela’s dad.

  • Clara King, for God to work out the details of her upcoming move.

  • Skip Schaper, multiple blood clots in leg.

  • God’s peace & comfort to Robyn Hunt and family in the passing of husband Ron Mazzola.

  • God’s peace & comfort to Sharon Montgomery in the recent passing of her mom.

  • Sue Johnson, recovery from shoulder surgery.

  • Bob Menz, continued recovery from stent surgery and adjustments to medications.

  • William Bohrer, diagnosed recently with colon cancer (Cathy Slone’s dad)

  • Those serving in our military: Bronson Burrows (Dee McIntyre’s grandson) and Eric Ray and his family while he is deployed.

*Prayer needs will be removed from this page after being listed 3 weeks without update. To provide an update on a particular prayer need or to request a need to remain on the list, please contact the church office at or 770.425.2525.

current Attendance and offering totals

Last week’s attendance (October 13, 2019): 364

Attendance average YTD: 393

Last week’s offering (October 13, 2019): $13,186.90

Budgeted Weekly Need: $13,846.15

Budgeted Need YTD: $567,692.15

Total Income YTD: $554,824.56