Think of this as an adult Sunday school class except that this group has a strong emphasis on building community.  You cannot build community in a row but only in a circle, hence the name Community Circles.  Teaching style is lecture with discussion and the size can range from 8 to 60 people.  Who attends is generally based upon people’s current station in life (age, with kids at home or not) in order to find more in common with people to create community.  Currently we have classes that meet on Sunday mornings and evenings: 


1. Newly marrieds, up to couples with kids still at home. (20 something to 40 something). Meets at 9:30am in the Classroom Annex

2. Cornerstone, studying the Gospel Project. Meets at 9:30 in the Student Center

3. Adult Bible Class. Meets at 11:00 in the Classroom Annex

4. Womens Bible Class is Sunday evenings in the Classroom Annex


There are no requirements for attending; just show up when you like. These classes are always open to new people. If you are new to Northwest this is where we recommend you start to checkout our community. Click the button below to join a community and get started.